• slider_baby Indoor Air Quality Dust dancing all around you? Sight of Mold making you green? These contaminants inside your house aren’t just unsightly—they can cause poor indoor air quality, which impacts your home environment, comfort and health. Fortunately, industry-leading products like air purifiers and dehumidifiers, working together with your heating and cooling system, make it possible to get rid …
  • slider_family Geothermal Systems What is a geothermal system? Very simply, a geothermal system is the most advanced, efficient, adaptable, and cost effective heating and cooling system in the world today. How does it work? A geothermal system uses the energy of the sun, stored in the earth, to keep you in comfort all year round. Even in the …
  • slider_1 When to Replace your Furnace & Air Conditioner To repair or replace, that is the question that likely comes to mind whenever your heating or cooling system stops working like it should. Although repairing may be the most affordable solution now, it might not be the best choice over the long run. Factors to consider include: Fifty Percent Rule When the cost of …

About Dave Davies Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration

Dave Davies Air Conditioning Heating and Refrigeration, located at 115 Frederick Street, has been servicing Stratford and area since 1991. We pride ourselves in providing total service to our customers, both big and small.

We come to you with over 40 years experience in the industry. Dave Davies Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration offers a proactive approach on heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment with the increasingly important role of preventative maintenance.

We install and service a wide variety of HVAC, gas-fired air makeups, heating and air conditioning systems, humidification, and dehumidification. We install and service package rooftops, boilers, chillers, residential furnaces, air conditioners, HRV systems and fireplaces.

To keep it all running smoothly, we offer preventative maintenance programs to all types of HVAC and process equipment.

Career Opportunities

Please forward resumes to daviddaviesheat@on.aibn.com.

Our Services

Your Total Service Headquarters for Sales, Installation and Maintenance. Call us for a free estimate on all residential or commercial HVAC equipment.

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